quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2014

TOY implementation of vacuum cleaner cenario

This simple TOY implementation of vacuum cleaner cenario (AIMA section 2.1 ed 4th) using less than 500 Javascript lines.
I'm not an skilled javascript programmer (thanks w3scholls!) but the TOY implementation try to show how is possible build simple AI assets using JavaScript WITHOUT advanced tooling as Fuzzy logic, Bayesians nets, A* searches and so on. No pre-knowledge is given so the cleaner need to learn based only in itself perceptions and actions, and just uses a primitive learning mechanism, based rudimentary comparation and recompense, to reach best performance along your life with no generalization. Of course, this primitive process converge slowly =)

I apologize for any browser specific issues. Any troubles, please gimme feedback: doleron at gmail.com


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